Self-Paced Healing Programmes

You can take any of these programmes whenever you want to, and do them at your own pace. They are all online, filled with healing and rich with information to help you dive into your personal healing process. You will want to come back and listen to again and again.

Building Strong Foundations

These programmes are designed to help you shine your light bright and be strong and present in your life.

5 Days to Raise Your Vibration

Do you want to feel better? Let my programme do the work for you, all you need to do is listen to one 30 minute audio file per day, for 5 days in a row.
The healing is in my voice. Just take the time, sit back, relax and let it in. Perfect for when you’re taking a few days off in the sun, or taking a break in a busy schedule to top up your energy levels.

Creating Good, Strong, Energetic Boundaries

Having good, strong energetic boundaries are vital for healers, empaths and caregivers. They are vital for anyone in a relationship of any kind. We need to claim our space in the world, keep our personal power here, with us. When we have good boundaries we are able to bring our presence more strongly into the world.

Rise Above Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety and fear is a frequency of energy that you will find everywhere. There is no getting away from it. Rather than learning how to manage it or trying to live with it, my intention for this programme is to teach you how to clear it, and rise above it, so that it does not impact you the same way as it is doing at present. Like the Eagle, strong and certain in it’s trajectory as it soars above the clouds, you will have to land at times, but you can land with your feet on the ground, knowing that you can stretch your wings and soar high again once more.

Based on my Healing Books

The programmes here are based on my books How to Be Well and Heal your Inner Wounds, designed to bring you deeper into the work that I cover, for a thourough healing experience.

How to Be Well – Part 1

Reorganise and Heal your Life Situation

Our life situation is usually composed of things that we have deliberately chosen and things that we feel we have not chosen but are obliged to carry out. These obligations over time cause us more stress than we realise, and many of us continue to live this way. We are not aware of the things that wear us down, of the people and relationships that drain our energy, and the people, places and things that disempower us.It’s time to change this way of life. 6 sessions over 6 weeks to change your life, and they’re yours to keep forever.

Heal your Inner Child

Based on my many years as a therapist, I draw from my client work and my own personal healing journey. Working with the material in my book and with the material from the group we will go on a journey into the inner child, to a landscape of hope, magic and love, to heal what is aching, to rekindle a relationship with joy, to heal your inner child wounding. 3 sessions over 3 weeks, yours to keep for life.

Heal your Inner Teenager

There are many aspects of you that freeze in space and time when they do not get what they needed. As a culture, we do lots of work with our inner child, but sometimes it is our inner teenager that needs the healing. Just as a real teenager can be difficult and rebellious, your inner teen can decide they don’t want to talk to you whatsoever. So we will go gently with this online intensive as it may bring up many issues within you that may have been buried, and a very angry teenager who wants to punish the world for what it has done. However the good news is, once you befriend and work with your inner teen, they will be your friend, for life. 3 sessions over 3 weeks, yours to keep forever.

Healing the world starts with you – doing your inner work is the best thing you can do!