Bootcamp Media Bank

Here you will find the videos and audio files that I make for you for Bootcamp. You will get the link for the video/audio of the day in your email and you can go directly to it, that’s the way I prefer for you to do it. But sometimes you can’t find something, or you want to return to something, so I am keeping them all here for you in one place. This page will be taken down a month or so after bootcamp ends, so you need to make sure you have copies of the links of any exercises that you will want to return to after we finish.

I am also placing links below to my shop, where you can find pre-recorded healing sessions that will help support you if you want to go deeper into the work. I am not trying to sell anything to you, they’re here if you need them. I don’t recommend doing a healing programme as you are already doing one on Bootcamp! I will be running an Online Group Healing Session during Bootcamp, called ‘Renew and Revitalise’, it is €22 and will be complementary to the work we do here, but not required. It’s all here for you, all you need to do is show up and do the work!

You can email me with any questions you may have, or ask them on the SLACK group. See the video below for how to join me on SLACK if you have not done this already! May the fun begin!

Getting Started on Bootcamp


You need to make sure that Bootcamp emails are going into your Inbox! I can’t do that for you, check your SPAM folder and mark them as ‘Not Spam’

Keep a Bootcamp Folder – this is optional.You can make an email folder and put all the bootcamp emails in there, if you plan to ‘do’ bootcamp again after the programme has ended. Not everything is audio or video on here, there will also be written exercises, so it could be a good idea to keep the emails together somewhere.

Try to keep up with the daily work, but if you can’t that’s okay, do what you can. You can miss a day and you won’t fall behind, this isn’t like school. It’s all about working with what else you have going on in your life, and fitting in a daily spiritual practice to raise your vibration. You can always repeat an exercise if you like it, or replace one with a different one if you don’t like it!


Welcome to Slack! It’s a workspace where we can talk together and find support with each other through the energy work that we do.

Anything you share in the SLACK group can only be seen by members of the group. It is a private group, however please do be aware that some people may not treat your information as confidential so don’t share anything deeply personal unless you are comfortable to do that.

I see you as a responsible adult who is aware of how you are engaging with people and therefore I will not be the teacher in the schoolyard – everyone must behave themselves accordingly.

1. Be Kind
2. Do Not Give Advice, make judgements or make assumptions
3. No Spam (this means self-promotion, or selling)
4. Respect people’s boundaries

Private messages – there is a facility here to message each other privately. Please do not do this unless you have express permission from the other person. If you do private message someone and they do not reply, do not take it personally. That is a good exercise in strong, energetic boundaries. There is lots of learning here for everyone!

I will pop in from time to time to join in the chatter and to ask questions or stimulate the discussion. I may not be there on a regular basis, so if you have a question you are best emailing me

If anyone breaks these rules they will get only one warning from me, then I will kick them out.

Please remember, everyone is on their own journey, everyone is in their own space in their healing process. Just listen, acknowledge, and relate it back to how you feel if you wish to. This is an exercise in self-care and compassion, it’s difficult not to jump in and ‘fix’ it, but that’s not your job. Particularly not here. Listen with love, share with compassion and make community by supporting each other. And when we come together, we shine our lights brighter! I’m excited!

How to install and connect to us on SLACK


These are the videos that I made for you for Bootcamp. As they accumulate I will change how I present them to keep the page neater – you can download them if you want to make sure you always have access.

To make sure you are in alignment with what we are going to do during Bootcamp, I have laid it all out in this video. You’ve probably seen it already, but here it is again!

This video I released a few days before Bootcamp just to talk a little bit about what is involved. No harm for you to take another look!

Bootcamp Opening Webinar

Day Two Exercise in the Forest

Soul Retrieval Exercise

Audio Files

All of these are on SoundCloud and you can listen to them directly from the link in your email, or you can come here to the media bank if you can’t remember where to find them! If you need additional support working with anxiety, fear, and grounding, you could try my ‘Anxiety Playbook’ right here on the Academy Website, and it’s free.

Bootcamp Closing Webinar

Academy Shop – Useful pre-recorded sessions for Additional Support

These, again, are not essential, but you might find that you need some extra help during the Bootcamp, if something does come up for you. You can get them right here on the Academy website and listen to them right away.

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