Refer a Friend Programme

Welcome to the Academy’s Referral Program – a program that rewards you for getting your friends to take a healing programme, and rewards your friends too. With your referral code your friends will get €5 discount on any purchase of €15 or more. And you will get a €5 coupon as a thank you.

How Does it Work?

You need to get your personal referral code from your Abby’s Online Academy account. To do this, you log into your account, choose “Profile” from the top navigation bar, and choose “Account”. The list on the left column shows your information, and one of the options there says “Refer a Friend”. Click that.

Or go to this link:

There you will find 2 ways to get credits – your personal URL, and your personal coupon code.

  • With your personal URL, anyone who uses the link to go to our site will automatically get a €5 discount applied when they make a purchase of €15 or more.
  • With the personal coupon code, you share with a friend, they add it at the checkout, and will get a €5 discount applied for purchases more than €15 for qualifying products.

Please note: qualifying products include online programmes, online group healing session replays and healing circle membership.

In both cases you will receive a €5 coupon with every new customer. You can spend the €5 on any product on this website! Save up as much credit as you want to go towards any of the programmes. You could even put it onto next month’s subscription for Abby’s Energy Healing Circle, if you are using STRIPE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer people to this programme?

Anyone who already has an account with Abby’s Online Academy

Who can I refer?

You can refer anyone who is not already registered on the site. Otherwise there’s no limit!

So I’ve referred someone, what’s next?

You’ll be credited €5 for each time your coupon code is used on a qualifying purchase. This money will accumulate in your account and applied to your cart the next time you buy something on Abby’s Online Academy.

If you accumulate more credit than the cost of a programme, you keep the change and can then apply it to something else.

I’m a Healing Circle Member, can I claim my credit on my Healing Circle Membership?

Yes and No.

If you are using STRIPE and WooCommerce Subscriptions, then your credit will be automatically applied to next month’s subscription. The following month you will be charged as normal, unless you have accumulated credit, then it will be carried over until it has been used up.

If you are using PAYPAL and are a LEGACY Member, the credit will NOT be automatically added to your subscription. You can cancel your subscription and re-subscribe to STRIPE if you want to. You can still keep your legacy subscription amount, just email abby and ask her how to do this.

What else do I need to know?

If you think you are owed a reward that has not yet been granted then please reach out to Abby so that she can help.

Abby may, at her sole discretion, suspend, terminate or change the terms and requirements of the Referral Program.