You are a Shining Light – Expansion and Clearing Healing Session


This expansion and cleansing energy healing session enables you to grow and expand your energies, shine your light bright and send love and light to your friends and family.


You are a Shining Light – Expansion and Clearing Healing Session. 

It’s very empowering to know that you are able to shift heaviness out of your energy field, some days you’re not able to do it by yourself, so this track is designed to hold space for you so you can relax, come deeper into your body and do it for yourself.

In this expansion and clearing meditation you will be guided by Abby to cleanse and clear your body of negativity, heaviness, tiredness and pain. You will invite in positive energy and raise the vibration of your body to enable you to feel relaxed, revitalised and grounded.

During this meditation, you may expand so greatly you will be able to send healing to friends, family and the country you live in, all while sitting comfortably in your chair! 

If you listen to this meditation every day for one week, you will notice changes in your energy that will help you feel more grounded and improve your outlook on life.

Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating machinery!  The backing track used in this meditation is “Music from the Universe” by Phil Winsor. It’s available to download at used by kind permission of Lauren Galey.


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