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Tree of Life Healing Circle Membership

Tree of Life Healing Circle Membership

When you’re a member of the healing circle at the Tree of Life Level you get what Seeds and Flowers get:

🌱 Access to monthly exclusive content including articles, healing meditations, audio and video files
🌱 Monthly Distance Healing to help keep your energy clear and at a high vibration
🌱 Membership of the SLACK group where you can meet like-minded people and find community
🌱 Energetic Connection to Abby
🌼  Access to Abby’s powerful monthly Online Group Healing Sessions
🌼  Members only discounts off any group led programs

And you also get:

🌳  Members discounts off self-paced programmes
🌳  Access to the entire back catalogue of all my online group healing sessions
🌳  Exclusive access to Life Mastery Sessions
🌳  Priority and discount on one-to-one healing sessions with Abby

Along with all the benefits of being energetically connected to me through the Healing Circle!

You can also join as Seed of Life, or as a Flower of Life.

Why the Seed of Life? It’s Sacred Geometry!
The Tree of Life, sometimes referred to as the World Tree or the Tree of Knowledge, appears in the mythology and folklore of cultures around the world. Tree of Life meanings vary slightly from culture to culture. However, a common theme they all share is the idea that a mystical tree connects the physical and spiritual worlds. In addition, the Tree of Life is foundational to supporting all life.
The fact that this ancient symbol for life is a tree is fitting. After all, throughout history, human beings have paid homage to trees. It’s as if our distant ancestors clearly understood how important trees were for supporting life on Earth, even before the times of scientific inquiry. In this post you’ll learn about the Tree of Life and World Tree in different cultures and spiritual beliefs as well as the Tree of Knowledge. Read more here.

🌳 Tree of Life 🌳

Healing Circle Membership – this is a recurring monthly fee
You can stay connected as long as you like. You can downgrade to Flower membership if you just wish to receive monthly healing and access to the online group sessions, or you can downgrade to Seed membership if you would just like to receive pure energy healing once a month and remain connected to the healing circle.

44.00 / month

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