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The Forgiveness Sessions


Starting October 11th for 3 weeks, these sessions could change your life. Read the detail below to find out more information before you sign up. Please make sure you have additional supports around you for the duration of these sessions if needed. All sessions will be approx 60-90 minutes long, webinar based, recorded and made available after the live session. You will get a replay and access to our Telegram chat group. If you can afford more than the deep discount it would be greatly appreciated as it is for people who are really struggling right now. Thank you and I look forward to helping you release what is holding you back from your best life, now.

The Forgiveness Sessions

When we hold ourselves (and others) to ransom, we are trapped in a cycle of anger, guilt, shame, jealousy and resentment. We become stuck living in the past. We need to be here, now, in this present moment, to be present to our power, and bring all of our light into whatever it is that we choose to do. These Forgiveness Sessions are designed to help you do just that.

The Forgiveness Sessions – 3 sessions over 3 weeks to help you finally let yourself off the hook, understand what forgiveness actually means (and doesn’t mean), and bring your power and strength back so you can forgive yourself, and others, and move on. By living in the present moment, you can live your best life now.

Buddha said, “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” While this is true, we tend to think – Forgive and forget. That’s old conditioning, and designed to keep us small. I say – “We can forgive, and we do not have to forget. In fact, we must forgive, and always remember.”

  • Session 1 – Preparation: OCTOBER 11th, 6pm Irish Time: Here, we will look at what we have placed in the way of ourselves, of our healing process, of why we do not allow ourselves to be powerful. We will clear all of it, so the session may be longer than 60 minutes. I will then set homework for you to think about for the week ahead, so you can bring it into session 2 and get maximum value
  • Session 2 – Forgive Yourself: OCTOBER 18th, 6pm Irish Time: Noticing what has reappeared since being cleared the previous week, looking at the reasons why you can’t forgive yourself, working with your higher self and the younger aspects of yourself so that you can finally release yourself from the chains that you have put yourself in, and accept yourself completely for who you are. there will be embodiment homework this week so that you can hold onto the frequency without self-sabotage
  • Session 3 – Forgive Everyone Else: OCTOBER 25th, 6pm Irish Time: This is a big piece of work, and just setting intention to forgive everyone else sets the process in motion, even if we don’t clear it all in this session. The first time you really go deep with this, you will find out all the reasons why you are holding onto the pain and anger, and over time, with repetition, you will be able to release and let go, and truly forgive everyone else in your life.

You will get access to this entire programme forever so you can come back and revisit each session until you feel you have truly done your forgiveness work.

Remember – forgiveness does not mean what happened to you is okay. It means that you let go of the emotion around what happened so that you can be free to live the rest of your life in harmony. You never have to accept unreasonable behaviour. This programme will help you stand in your power, recognise what is unreasonable and be able to say NO to it earlier and earlier, until you stop attracting it into your life. You might want to look at my programme – Creating Good, Strong, Energetic Boundaries as a complement to this work.


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