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OGHSMarch2017 – REPLAY – Soul Retrieval


If you’ve ever felt like you’re not whole, or that life has lost it’s colours, then this group online healing session replay is for you. Sit back, relax and be taken on a journey of the heart, of the soul, to retrieve the pieces of you that have left for whatever reason. You will receive healing while you listen, and the more times you listen, the deeper and more long-lasting the healing will be.

In this session Abby brings you on a magical journey to an inner landscape where she teaches you how to retrieve the parts of your Soul that have left you.

In it Abby discusses what Soul Loss is, her take on Soul Retrieval, and answers questions from the participants. There are three healings in this webinar replay:

  1. Retrieval of Soul Pieces that are ready to come back
  2. Preparation and cleansing for more Soul pieces who which to come back
  3. Retrieval of older Soul pieces who now wish to come back

Abby closes with a cleansing healing, and leaves you with one simple technique that you can use quickly and easily to connect to your Soul and collect any further Soul pieces.

“This webinar took place March 22nd 2017. The healing is just as powerful in the audio replay as it was in the live session. Do not attempt to journey while driving a car or operating machinery. If you play this audio more than once you will open deeper to the healing and it will have a more profound effect.”

“Thank you so much Abby! I just listened to your soul retrieval it was wonderful thanks i did fall asleep though i guess my subconscious/ soul was still listening!!”

“Abby, just wanted to say how powerful the webinar on soul loss/recovery was. I felt very different afterwards! Thank you!”

“For me the soul retrieval was a gentle fleeting journey through time as I counted off the years of my life. My misplaced soul-fragments were magnetized home.”

“I feel a foot taller today, and very calm.”


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