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Seed of Life Healing Circle Membership

Seed of Life Healing Circle Membership

When you’re a member of the healing circle at the Seed of Life Level you get:

🌱 Access to monthly exclusive content including articles, healing meditations, audio and video files
🌱 Monthly Distance Healing to help keep your energy clear and at a high vibration
🌱 Membership of the SLACK group where you can meet like-minded people and find community
🌱 Energetic Connection to Abby

You can also join as Flower of Life, or as a Tree of Life.

Why the Seed of Life? It’s Sacred Geometry!

There are certain symbols that we contemplate to better understand ourselves, the universe, and our place in it. Symbols whose perfect symmetry catches in our minds, and which holds a key to understanding if we can find it. Many of these symbols are considered sacred (hence the term sacred geometry), and are elevated to a spiritual and religious level of importance.
One such symbol is called the Seed of Life, and it has been around for centuries. From Egypt, to India, to Greece, to Renaissance Italy, to the modern day, this symbol has captured the minds and imaginations of holy men, philosophers, and even scientists as people have tried to unlock the meaning contained within. Read more here.

🌱 Seed of Life 🌱

Healing Circle Membership – this is a recurring monthly fee
You can stay connected as long as you like. You can upgrade to Flower or Tree membership if you would like further benefits, and downgrade back to Seed if you feel that’s the right tier for you!

11.00 / month

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