The Safe Release of Grief – Pre-Recorded Healing Session


This is a gentle healing session which wiill support you in the safe release of grief. It is designed to be listented to as often as you wish.

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Grief can be heavy and difficult to carry, however it is unavoidable at times. We all need to be able to feel safe in order to release our grief. Whether you’re grieving because you’ve lost someone you love, or you’ve lost your dreams, or a relationship has broken up, this track can help you process the emotion you are feeling. It can be applied to old, stuck grief, as well as grief that is current and active.

I will guide you thorugh some gentle exercises where you can go as deeply in as you are comfortable to. There is healing in my voice, take your time with it, and be gentle with yourself.

How to use this track: This is not a track for you to use as part of a daily practice. Treat it like an actual healing session; you can make an appointment with yourself to listen to it, you may need time afterwards to journal or to sit with and process the results. Create a safe space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed.

As you go back to your daily life after this session your grief may return, you can play this track again as often as you wish to help you shift blocked and heavy stuck emotions, so you are in flow and lighter in yourself.  You will know how often to play it as you get more confident with it.

If you give yourself permission to go deep and do your work, the healing will happen. 

Know that every time you listen to this healing session you receive a deeper and deeper healing. You can also check out The Healing Sessions – Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep to help you sleep deeply and incorporate any healing you have been receiving. You may also wish to look at Journey to your Loved One in Spirit, if you wish to reconnect with a loved one who has died.


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