Release the Blocks and Live Your Happiest Life Now – Pre-Recorded Healing Session


Do you find that just as you’re about to achieve happiness something happens to knock over the apple cart? Are you open to looking at the possibility that you’re the one that’s doing it?

Sometimes we are the ones that are in the way of our happy life – this session will help you let go of your blocks so you can open the door and let it in.


Releasing the Blocks and Live Your Happiest Life Now – Pre-Recorded Healing Session

Clear your blocks to success and fear of being happy with this healing session.

If you feel you’re standing in your own way of your best and happy life, this healing session will show you where, and help you with the how, so that you can get out of the way and let the success come into your life.

You will be able to stand with wide open arms to receive your happy life instead of feeling unworthy, running from it or trying to sabotage it.

You will take a journey into your body where you can recognise the fear you are carrying around feeling safe in the world, both conscious and subconsciously in you life, so you can release it. Travel forward in time to see your happiest self and to recognise the gap between you and it, so you can begin to align to the energies of where you want to be.

Then we will travel back in time to release the fear and blocks right at the root of it, healing two aspects of yourself in the past that you still carry with you in your energy field, today.

After that, you have an option to stop the session and come back and go further at a second sitting, or to continue on with the work. We shift into success mode, where Abby looks at what success means to you, how it feels to be happy and successful, and she helps you start to clear all that is in the way of you and your most successful life ever.

If you want to move forward, clear heaviness around self-worth, feel safe in the world, trust the universe more and release all of your blocks to success, this healing session is for you.

Please note: this is a healing session, not to be played while driving or operating machinery.

How to use this track:

This is not a track for you to use as part of a daily practice. Treat it like an actual healing session; you can make an appointment with yourself to listen to it, you may need time afterwards to journal or to sit with and process the results. Create a safe space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed.

As you go back to your daily life after this session your fears may return, depending on your patterns or how much you tend to worry – once you anchor the feeling of being safe, you will notice when you are shifting away from it and you can listen to the session again.

I recommend listening to this healing session once a week for two to three weeks, then once every other week, and then as needed depending on your life circumstances. The time in between sessions is just as important as doing the session itself.

If you give yourself permission to go deep and do your work, the healing will happen. 

Know that every time you listen to this healing session you receive a deeper and deeper healing. You can also check out The Healing Sessions – Deep Relaxation and Healing to help you sleep deeply and incorporate any healing you have been receiving.


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