Raise Your Vibration Bootcamp Feb 2020


Raise Your Vibration Bootcamp starts Tuesday February 18th and lasts for 21 days.

We will be covering new ground, I have never offered these deep cleanses at this level before.  I am planning a deep dive into decluttering, cleansing, removal of entities, psychic viruses, and dark bonds/ancestral inherited curses, (yes curses), mind control… Phew! PLUS healing of energetic causes of illness, refreshing DNA and neurological systems, and aligning with and coming into balance with energy upgrades and 5D technologies.

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This February in my Raise your Vibration Bootcamp online programme I will be helping you shed heavy energy so you are more comfortable to feel what you are feeling, reconnect with your heart and develop a constant and consistent daily spiritual practice that will keep you going throughout the rest of the year.

All of the practices we will do on this programme I will be teaching you how to do for yourself so you can use them to create a daily spiritual practice that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. You will learn: how to release pain that you may be feeling that isn’t yours, to disconnect from unhealthy energy cords in relationships, and to ground and centre yourself in your heart. 

Bootcamp starts Tuesday February 18th where we meet for our opening webinar at 6pm Irish Time. You will receive emails every day for 21 days until our last day on the 9th, where we end with our closing webinar, and a challenge – for you to find a ‘Bootcamp Buddy’ and encourage each other to continue the daily practice for another 7 days until it has fixed in you as a habit. Then you keep going yourself! If you want a top up you can join me for the next Bootcamp which takes place in September.

If you want to know why you need to raise your vibration, you can read more here. or you can Visit www.RaiseYourVibrationBootcamp.com to find out more.

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