Raise Your Vibration Bootcamp Feb 2022


We start Feb 15th and run for 21 days, until March 7th. There will be an opening and a closing healing webinar, which will be recorded if you can’t make the live session, daily emails and access to a private SLACK group for support and healing. All you need is 10 minutes a day for 21 days to receive healing, cleanse and clear your energy field and raise your vibration to the highest frequency so you can live your best life, now. 

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Raise your Vibration Bootcamp – Feb 2022

This Spring in my Raise your Vibration Bootcamp online programme I will be helping you shed heavy energy so you feel refreshed and bright and able to tackle whatever comes your way this year. I will send healing to you, and support you to learn how to develop a constant and consistent daily spiritual practice that will keep you going throughout the rest of the year.

We will do what is needed to raise the group energies including working with cosmic energy, doing deep cleansing of entities, psychic viruses and deprogramming you from any sources of mind control. We will also look at fear of being bright and strong in your energy field, and working with limiting beliefs you still carry around this, so that you can release those and step into your most empowered life.

Everything we do together will be clear and offered in a way so that you learn how to do for yourself. We will focus on releasing heavy energy from your energy field so that you feel revitalised and renewed and closer to becoming your best healed self.

We begin Tuesday February 15th with our opening webinar at 6pm Irish Time. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, you will be able to see the replay and watch it as often as you wish. You’ll be invited to join our special Bootcamp channel in the SLACK group (private link only will be sent to you on signup)  Here you will find like minded people, make new friends, and get support throughout this journey. I’m looking forward to it. You can always email me if you have any questions about anything – abby@abby-wynne.com

ONCE BOOTCAMP STARTS THE HEALING BEGINS – notice how you are feeling, and allow yourself to embrace the work without pushing or forcing anything. This is VERY important. You are where you are, and you will shift and transform and upgrade and expand so at the end of the 21 days you will notice a difference. But the body responds best to love, so always be with love first.

You will receive emails every day for 21 days until we close so please make sure my emails are coming into your inbox and not into your SPAM. You may have to whitelist my email address, this process depends on YOUR email client/Internet provider.

Once we finish, I will  be challenging you to find a ‘Bootcamp Buddy’ and encourage each other to continue the daily practice for another 7 days! or longer! You will continue to have access to the SLACK group so that should make it easier! I hope then you will be able to keep going for yourself!

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