OGHS April – Group Session Healing Bundle



THIS IS A HEALING BUNDLE – you receive Pure Energy Healing NOW and more healing again when we go to session. Worth €32, get both for €28. Session details below.



When you go about your day to day life and do not clear and cleanse your energy you pick up particles and debris, a little bit like a house that has not been cleaned or dusted. However when these items impact your energy field they impact your body, your emotions and your thoughts too. As you can see from the image, if you leave your energy field uncleansed then over time it can become damaged, which allows for infiltration by lower level energies, physical illness and lack of zest for life.

With regular cleansing and clearing your energy field becomes vibrant, creating a space for physical healing, and your body becomes vibrant too. It’s time for people to wake up to the realisation that in order to have vibrant health, we must have a vibrant energy field too.

This Session will take place April 29th at 3pm Irish Time

Let’s spend some time softening and opening our hearts, listening to what they have to say, and connecting to a source of pure healing, of unconditional love, so we can revitalise and refresh ourselves. Leave behind the heavy energies and step into lighter world.

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Additional information

I want this healing for:

Cleansing and Clearing, Emotional Healing, Raising my Vibration, Physical Healing, Releasing inner blocks

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