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OGHSApril2021 – Online Group Healing Session Bundle



THIS IS A HEALING BUNDLE – you receive Pure Energy Healing NOW and more healing again in the group online healing session at the end of the month. Worth €42, get both for €35. Session details below, each month is different.


Online Group Healing Session Bundle

This product is the OGH Session PLUS additional distance healing. If you just want the session on it’s own, click here.

These sessions are for the times we are in. We are being pushed to the wall,  here, now, we have no choice:  continue our old ways and be left behind, or change and grow and step into our fullest potential. This is not a rehearsal. Your best life starts right now.

In this session I will facilitate a deep cleansing and clearing of the energy fields of all participants. This will include removal of all fear based manipulative energies. I will help the participants disconnect from the collective and reconnect to their hearts and souls. We will do a deep healing of the physical body, remove all impediments to grounding and anchoring into the body, into this Earth, into whatever planets present themselves to us. And then we will clear the blocks to being receptive and inspired by our guides, by beauty and by nature, and clear the blocks to our voice so we can listen, speak and create.

The session page goes live on the day of the session at 6am with the details of how to join the webinar. The live session will take place at 3pm Irish time on April 28th. Click here to find out what time it is for you, wherever you are in the world.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a healing session. To get the full benefit you need to give it your full attention. Where you don’t need to be at the live session, when you listen to it, or to the replay, it is advised that you do not multitask, and most certainly do not listen while driving.