Journey to your Loved One in Spirit – Guided Visualisation Healing Session


A guided meditation which brings people on a journey to visit a loved one who has died. It’s beautiful, gentle and there is healing imbued in the audio track.

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Journey to your Loved one in Spirit

This is a very gentle meditation that helps you create a safe space to connect with someone you love, who has died. 

With the use of context, visualisations and healing energies, step into a landscape where you can connect with your loved one, chat to them, spend some time with them, and know that you are not alone. Life is everlasting, human beings are paradoxical in that the body dies but their spirit lives on. Love lasts forever, but our minds oftentimes need validation and connection with the person we love who is no longer with us.

If you are currently grieving please consider giving yourself the space that you need after listening to this in case emotions do come up for you.  You may wish to share your experiences with a friend or someone you feel safe with. A journey to a loved one in Spirit can bring closure, joy and forgiveness;  you may wish to set your intention before you listen that it will be so.

Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating machinery. The backing track used in this meditation is “Music from the Universe” by Phil Winsor. It’s available to download at used by kind permission of Lauren Galey.


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