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High Frequency Lightworker Healing Intensive


This intensive 4 week online programme begins November 4th and runs each Thursday at 6pm Irish time. 90 minute sessions which will be recorded and replays will be made available to all. There will be deep healing, teaching and practice, and an invite to join a SLACK chatroom where you can meet all the participants and share your progress and ask questions. I will be teaching things in this course that I have never taught before. I want to keep this open to as many people as possible so I am offering a variation in investment, you can choose how much you can afford ✨💫✨


High Freqency Lightworker Healing Intensive

Are you a Lightworker? Do you work with energy? If you’re a healer, a care-giver, an empath, then this programme is for you. If you are not sure what a lightworker is, here’s a blog post that I wrote, it also explains why I’m offering this programme.

Lightworkers are prone to depression if they don’t look after themselves. Here’s an article I wrote a while back about lightworkers and depression. See if it resonates.

The energies are intense right now as we make the shift from 3D to 5D. What are the new 5D energies about? Click here (yes, it’s another blog post!)

If you’ve worked with me recently you know what I’m talking about. We need to support each other through this, that’s why I’m here, offering this programme, now.

This programme will help you:

  •  keep your vibration high
  • find the answers to questions you need to know
  • connect with your guides and angels
  • clear and cleanse your own energy field
  • refine your self-healing practice

Proposed class plan (all of this is subject to change depending on the energies of the group and what comes up in class):

Class One: Energy Healing:

  • Learn how to clear and cleanse your energy
  • Come into your body and feel what you are feeling
  • Releasing stuck energies, entities and a power retrieval
  • Receiving light codes
  • Sending energy to the light grid

Class Two: Shamanism

  • Learn how to journey and meet your guides to answer a question.
  • Lower world journey
  • Upper world journey
  • Answer a question journey

Class Three: Angels, Gods and Goddesses

  • What are the light beings
  • Working with the Angels
  • Working with Gods and Goddesses
  • Using oracle and angel cards for support

Class Four: Intention : Deeper Healing and Embodiment

  • Bringing it into the body – Grounding and heart opening work
  • Empowering the ‘Best Healed Self’ Archetype
  • Staying lit
  • Q&A and where to go next

I know that we will also be looking at working with crystals, past lives, ancestors and more. So much more that we may need to do another intensive! I’m excited! Hope to see you there.

PLEASE NOTE: This live programme will be offered as a self-paced programme once it is complete. This means that it will be recorded, so be aware of this if you choose to share personal information.

You might be interested in trying one of my deep healing meditations while you wait for the programme to begin 🙏🏻 Click here to see what I have if you feel called to it.

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