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OGHSFebruary2019 – REPLAY – Healing with the Unicorns


Join me for a healing session basked in joy, gentleness, high vibrational energy and magic! Unicorn’s grant soul wishes, we will do a clearing on anything that is in the way of us receiving what we are here to achieve, and call on the magic and the power of the Unicorns to help us on our path.

This session took place February 27th, 2019

“I feel like a different person today! I feel more alive & full of joy! That session had profound effects on me. Physically, I feel so much better, as I had been sick and very tired for weeks. I could feel a shift in healing in my body during the session. I also was able to get a good nap yesterday, after many sleepless nights! It felt so good! I forced myself to rest, as you suggested to do, Abby. There was much emotional and spiritual healing, as well. I had been feeling such a lack of joy lately, and that Unicorn shamanic healing journey really brought back my joy! I could feel my inner child coming to life. I kept smiling and giggling inwardly, as I was riding the Unicorn with my inner child. That was such a fun and amazing healing experience! Hurray for Unicorns! Thank you, Abby! ❤️🦄❤️” – Betty

I remember when I met my first unicorn, I was on a journey to heal my heart and I was in a meadow embodying the changes that I made during the journey. I could hear a rush of hooves and then suddenly 11 Unicorns appeared from behind the trees! I was enchanted – their energy was so beautiful and vibrant, they were sparkling! They surrounded me and filled up with white light, and then they bathed me in it, so cleansing and healing. One of them beckoned for me to get up on it’s back and we went racing, the freedom was exhilarating.

According to Diana Cooper, Unicorns are pure white seventh dimensional horses who have returned to Earth from Atlantis and are here to help us with our energy upgrades and evolution. What I do know from my own experience with them is that they are pure and high vibration, they have the qualities of love, peace, calm, gentleness, hope, majesty, caring, magic and mystery. I know that they are here  and longing for us to connect with them, hence my being drawn to dedicate a healing session just for them. However I do feel that other elemental spirits may wish to tag along, and as has been the pattern for these group healing sessions, anything is possible!

This is a recording of a group session which was recorded January 2019 and is imbued with healing energies for whomever listens at whatever time. The efficacy of the healing is dependant on where you are on your personal journey and how open you are to receiving the energies that are here. It is not a replacement for conventional medicine, if you are sick please ensure you see your doctor. Please do not listen to this audio track while driving or operating machinery! If you need some extra help processing the energies or working through your personal situation I am available for one to one healing sessions, just get in touch:


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