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OGHSJune2019- REPLAY – Working With Dragon Energy


This was an especially strong healing session that took place in June 2019.

The Dragons are Calling!

In many of my healing sessions I have called upon Dragons to come clear low and heavy vibrational energies for the group, but in all of this time I have never had a dedicated session where we work with Dragon energy.

Dragon Energy is strong and powerful and can go to places that we cannot. There are Air, Water, Fire and Earth Dragons, and in this session we will call upon all four. These energies will help us clear and cleanse our biological energy field, so the healing we will experience will be powerful and strong.

Everyone will be invited to bring along their dragon guides with them, and if you’ve not yet met a dragon who works with you in the energetic plains, you will most certainly meet one here!

This session is for you if you’re feeling tired all the time, emotional, heavy, slow, if you feel blocks on your path, if you want to have a lighter outlook. Let the Dragons do the heavy lifting – I’m excited to see what will show up for us. The Unicorns have already asked me if they can take part too! It’s going to be a magical hour where we will most definitely be receiving the highest vibration of healing available to us. I hope you can join me!

This session will take place on Wednesday June 26th at 3pm Irish time. And if you can’t make it for the live session, you can leave a healing request in our Facebook group in advance of the session. EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP IS INCLUDED, AND EVERYONE GETS A REPLAY.

This is an energy clearing session and everyone is welcome. Whether you’ve just discovered energy healing, or have been working with healing for years, you can take part – no previous trainings or previous sessions with me are required. I will talk you through everything and everyone will get what they need based on the level where they are. All you need is a desire to lift your energy, to change something in your life for the better, and your own permission to receive the healing.

You will get the replay to listen to as often as you wish, and the healing becomes amplified when you do this. I encourage you to replay this often, so that you learn how to shed the energy blocks and the limiting beliefs that you have created and the ones that have been created by your life experiences, so you can be the best and highest vibration of energy that you can possibly be. Hope to see you in session!

This is a recording of a group session and is imbued with healing energies for whomever listens at whatever time. The efficacy of the healing is dependant on where you are on your personal journey and how open you are to receiving the energies that are here. It is not a replacement for conventional medicine, if you are sick please ensure you see your doctor. Please do not listen to this audio track while driving or operating machinery.


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