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OGHSNovember2018 – REPLAY – Healing with the Angels


Join me for a group session replay where we connect with the Angels, Archangels and other wonderful luminous beings for a gentle healing experience. This session took place November 2018.

From our Facebook Group:
It was totally awesome. The healing was great. Thank you Abby and thank you Angels, Unicorns and Dragons! “

“Some of the strongest yet gentle energies I’ve ever felt! It was life-changing. Thank you Abby!”

“It was amazing. Since I work with angels a lot I found this webinar especially powerful. Will definitely revisit it to strengthen the healing and growth that happened.”

This is a recording of a group session which is imbued with healing energies for whomever listens at whatever time. The efficacy of the healing is dependant on where you are on your personal journey and how open you are to receiving the energies that are here. It is not a replacement for conventional medicine, if you are sick please ensure you see your doctor. Please do not listen to this audio track while driving or operating machinery! If you need some extra help processing the energies or working through your personal situation I am available for one to one healing sessions, just get in touch: [email protected]



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