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OGHSJan2021 – REPLAY – Healing for Compassion and Self-Care


The live healing session will take place January 27th at 3pm Irish time. It will be recorded with a replay made available to all. Everyone who signs up gets access to our private Facebook Group. The signing in details will be available on the day of the session.

You do not need to be there live to receive the healing. Everyone gets a copy of the replay.

Entry is FREE for Abby’s Healing Circle Flower and Tree members – find out more here:

These sessions are for the times we are in. We are being pushed to the wall,  here, now, we have no choice:  continue our old ways and be left behind, or change and grow and step into our fullest potential. This is not a rehearsal. Your best life starts right now.

In this session I will cleanse and clear the energy fields of all participants. This will include removal of all fear based manipulative energies. I will help you disconnect from the collective and reconnect to your hearts and souls. We will do a deep healing of the physical body, remove all impediments to grounding and anchoring into the body, into this Earth, into whatever planets present themselves to us. We will then focus on increasing our levels of compassion, particularly towards ourselves, so that we have more compassion and kindness to offer to the world.


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