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Heal Your Inner Wounds – Healing Your Inner Teenager


Heal your Inner Wounds, Chapter 2 – Heal Your Inner Teenager

3 sessions over 3 weeks – see below for the session breakdown. Based on the work of chapter 2 of my bestselling book, Heal your Inner Wounds, we go beyond the scope of the book, these are active healing sessions that could transform your inner pain and heal your inner wounds, if you let them.

It does not matter whether you have worked with me before, or not. All you need to bring with you to this online programme is your intention to heal.

Heal your Inner Teenager – Self-Paced Healing Programme from Abby Wynne

This is a replay of recordings from November 2019, based on Chapter 2 of my book, Heal your Inner Wounds.

Your Inner Teen Needs to be Seen and Heard

There are many aspects of you that freeze in space and time when they do not get what they needed. As a culture, we do lots of work with our inner child, but sometimes it is our inner teenager that needs the healing. Just as a real teenager can be difficult and rebellious, your inner teen can decide they don’t want to talk to you whatsoever. So we will go gently with this online intensive as it may bring up many issues within you that may have been buried, and a very angry teenager who wants to punish the world for what it has done. However the good news is, once you befriend and work with your inner teen, they will be your friend, for life.

In my book, Heal your Inner Wounds I cover:

  • Who is your Inner Teen?
  • Telling the difference between your inner teen and your inner child
  • Helping you Inner Teen become more comfortable so they trust you
  • Remembering what your life was like as a teenager and comparing it to how you are holding it within your energy field
  • Healing the core teenage wounding
  • Masks – who do you become and to please whom?
  • Releasing the masks and becoming your true self
  • Stopping comparing yourself to others
  • Reclaiming your power from the people, places and things you gave it to as a teenager
  • Value Audit

Based on my many years as a therapist, I draw from my client work and my own personal healing journey. Working with the material in my book and with the material from the group we will go on a journey to talk to our inner teenager, to befriend our inner saboteur, become more comfortable in our own skins and to feel empowered in the world.

It does not matter whether you have worked with me before, or not. All you need to bring with you to this online intensive is your intention to heal. If you want to go deeper you can purchase the book Heal your Inner Wounds and read Chapter 1 – Your Inner Child and Chapter 2 – Your Inner Teen.

Remember that it is you, the responsible adult part of you that is signing up for these sessions. If you have had trauma in your life as a child, or as a teenager, you may need additional support if you are going to take part in these sessions. When you heal your inner teen you are more confident in who you are, you no longer need to bend your shape to please others, and you are empowered to make decisions without requiring someone else’s validation.  Your life will change – are you ready?

What to expect from this self-paced programme

Heal your Inner Teenager is composed of 3 sessions, with optional homework. You get the first session as soon as you sign up, the next 2 sessions are 7 days apart. You keep the replays for life, so you can listen to them as often as you wish. 

  • Session One – Meeting your Inner Teenager   – Meet your inner teen, remember who they are, find out who they are not. How to tell the difference between your inner child and your inner teen. In this session there is a deep healing and cleansing to clear the blocks so you can start working in a clearer way with your own inner teenager. We also look at what the wounding may have been, and we will do some healing for that too. 
  • Session Two – Taking your Power Back – We follow-up from the previous session and open space to work with our inner teenagers. There are two big topics we will cover here: masks and power. When we hide ourselves from people we lose touch with who we truly are. When we give our power away, we shrink and become prone to anxiety. There is a big exercise in the book where you can make paper masks but we will not be doing that here, you can however do it yourself in your own time if you wish. We will do energy clearing on masks, and we will do a power retrieval, and we will make the space for our inner teens to talk to us and tell us what they need us to hear. Again there will be homework for you to do.
  • Session Three – Embodiment and Grounding– We follow up from the previous sessions and I will cover any questions that people on the live sessions had during the progression of the work. Then we look at how your empowered responsible adult can support yourself in day to day life, while holding and supporting your inner teen. We will visit our value system and see if there is work there you need to do so that your current values and how you see the world are in alignment with your truth. Again, there is a big exercise in the book that you can do after the session to go deeper with this particular theme. We will close the three sessions with clearing and healing, and another chance to release and transform what is in the way of you embracing joy.

These are healing sessions – there is healing in my voice. To get the full benefit you need to give it your full attention. It is advised that you create a safe space to listen where you will not be disturbed, please do not multitask, and most certainly do not listen while driving.

You may need to have additional support while you do the work of this programme, I am available if necessary for one to one sessions which are not included in the price of this self-paced course.


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