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OGHSJuly2019 – REPLAY – Energy Clearing and Light Boost Activation


This session took place in July 2019. Prepare to meet the Angels, Deities, Luminous Star Beings to be blessed and healed by them, and to receive a light boost activation which will unfold in you as a seed grows into a flower, leading you on the path to your highest potential.

Energy Clearing helps clear old, heavy, stale, stuck energies, so you can be lifted up to the higher vibrational energies. See the images for a reminder as to what those are too!

So what is a Light Boost Activation? Well, as I see it, it’s where the light beings upgrade your illuminated energy field to activate the codes in you that hold your highest potential. Please Note: Unlike my other healing sessions, you can receive this light boost activation only once.

This is a recording of a group session and is imbued with healing energies for whomever listens at whatever time. The efficacy of the healing is dependant on where you are on your personal journey and how open you are to receiving the energies that are here. It is not a replacement for conventional medicine, if you are sick please ensure you see your doctor. Please do not listen to this audio track while driving or operating machinery.


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