Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep – Pre-Recorded Healing Session


Try my healing session Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep to help you unwind, slow down, and sleep. Listen to it over several nights and absorb powerful healing energies that will soothe your body and enable it to let go of stress and heal itself.


Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

This healing session is designed to help you have deep relaxation and healing sleep. As you sleep you will receive a deep healing to the bones, blood, nerves and every cell in your body.

This track is 40 minutes long, so set aside about 60 minutes to listen to it, and then allow yourself at least 20 minutes of sleep after the Mp3 has finished. You can listen while you’re in bed and allow yourself fall asleep to the track.  If you fall asleep before the track is complete you will still receive the healing.

In this deep relaxation and healing sleep session you can:

  • Release any energies that are holding you back from being successful, from having love in your life.
  • Slow down your mind, your “engine” and relax completely.
  • Enable your body to rejuvenate parts of your body that are ill, to release old, sick, dying cells and create vibrant health
  • Relax and receive the love and healing that is here for you

If you give yourself permission to go deep and do your work, the healing will happen.

Know that every time you listen to this healing session you receive a deeper and deeper healing. If you want you can pair this track with a Pure Energy Healing Session to help remove any additional energies that may be in your energy field preventing you from settling. Choose “cleanse and clear my energy” at the checkout.


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