Clearing your Chakras – Energy Clearing Guided Visualisation


This meditation guides you through the major energy centres (chakras) in your body and shows you how to clear, cleanse and harmonise them to your greatest potential. By repeating this exercise regularly, you increase the vibrancy of your light, your energetic potential and your energy signature.


Clearing your Chakras – Energy Clearing Guided Visualisation

This is an active meditation that helps you clear your chakras and cleanse and heal your energy field.

In this track, I will talk you through opening, clearing, closing and harmonising each chakra in your body. As you work through each chakra you may notice where you need to do further work in order to feel completely balanced, and to align your emotions, your thoughts and your physical body. You can return to this cleansing meditation to improve your well being, as often as you wish.

If you have never done work like this before, I recommend listening to this meditation once a day for one week, then every other day for another week. Clearing your chakras can bring you into a healing crisis, so don’t go too fast and too deep at once! After the first time you try this you can listen once or twice a week, and after that, as you feel it is needed. You may feel confident to do a shortened version yourself anytime you feel you need to.

Please do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating machinery! The backing track used in this meditation is “Music from the Universe” by Phil Winsor. It’s available to download at used by kind permission of Lauren Galey.


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