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OGHSMarch2018 – REPLAY – Best Healed Self


I have found in the work that I do the biggest block to healing is ourselves. We get in our own way, because our idea of what we will become when we are healed is unknown to us. And we fear the unknown.

Join me for an online group healing session where we will clear any fears you have around becoming your best healed self. Where you will learn the difference between your ideal self, and your healed self, and you can eliminate any blocks that YOU have created to living at your full potential. We will meet our future healed selves, get wisdom for our own individual pathways to healing, AND as usual, there will be a group clearing and healing for all.

This webinar took place March 29th 2018. The healing is just as powerful in the audio replay as it was in the live session. Do not attempt to journey while driving a car or operating machinery. If you play this audio more than once you will open deeper to the healing and it will have a more profound effect.


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