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OGHSMay2016 – REPLAY – Angels, Power Animals and Spirit Guides


Do you have a Power Animal supporting you? Are there Spirit Guides walking beside you? Or have you ever felt the wings of your Angels wrap themselves around you? Now is your opportunity to try! In this healing webinar, join Abby to find out her take on what these amazing beings of light are, learn how to work with them and then experience them right away in a gentle, guided meditation.

In this webinar replay with Abby you will learn all about what Angels, Power Animals and Spirit Guides are and how to connect to them. There is a healing guided meditation, along with lots of stories, fun and laughter.

Some of the things covered include:

  • What Angels are and how to connect to them.
  • What Power Animals are and how to work with them
  • How power animals work with us in this reality as well as in the energetic dimensions
  • What a Spirit Guide is and how to work with one

If you make space and go deep while listening to the guided meditation,  you will be able to connect to either an Angel, a Power Animal or to one of your Spirit Guides. You will have the opportunity to have a conversation with them or simply make connection with them, depending on where you are on your journey.

And there is lots and lots of healing.

“This webinar took place in May 2016. The healing is just as powerful in the audio replay as it was in the live session. Do not attempt to journey while driving a car or operating machinery. If you play this audio more than once you will open deeper to the healing and it will have a more profound effect.”

“I wasn’t sure who my Spirit Guide was, or if I even had one. Now I know, I felt a firm presence beside me. It’s changed my life knowing that I’m supported this way. So grateful.”

“I met my Guardian Angel!! I’m so excited! I really connected with her! Thank you!”

“All I know for sure is that I feel a lot better after listening to this than I did before listening! Abby, you are gifted. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.”


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