Sometimes you just can’t break a pattern of behaviour no matter how hard you try. You’ve done all the thinking, all the analysis, yet you still continue to go there, and do that, whatever it may be.

But we are becoming 5 Dimensional beings, we are more energetic, and we are learning that patterns and behaviours that we experience may not have their root cause in our mental body. Isn’t it the shaman who first said that mental illness is a sign another shaman is being birthed? We are awakening.

This healing session works with our past lives.  When we are born, we are not starting afresh. In this lifetime, here and now we have signed up to learn lessons, to right wrongs, and to heal wounds that may have been created in our past lives. To complicate things further, it is becoming more apparent that time is not chronological, that we are living these many lives all at the same time. So this healing session will have an impact beyond the scope of our human mind.