Pre-Recorded Healing Sessions

Help is here when you need it, wherever you are

Sometimes it’s easier to do your inner work at your own pace

You can press stop and digest anything I’ve said at any time, you can sit in healing energies for as long as you need to. You are in control of these healing sessions. For best results, set aside time where you won’t be disturbed.

How to use these tracks

Once you purchase you will be given a link to the private track on SoundCloud. These files can be streamed directly from SoundCloud or downloaded to your computer depending on what you prefer. To get the best results while listening, please make sure you create a quiet space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed, so you can give the audio file your complete attention. Feel free to take notes, to stop and start the tracks, and to allow yourself to go deeper with the work. And it’s okay if you fall asleep while you listen! You’re still receiving the healing.

Please note: These are healing sessions not teaching tracks or healing programmes. Some of them are designed to be listened to often, others you may only need once or twice, and again others, you may only need once a month. They’re yours to keep once you have purchased them, go gently, and enjoy.

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