Online Group Healing Session Replays (OGHS)

Pick a topic that appeals to you and enjoy the energies!

The topics that we cover are widespread and magical, they include: ancestral healing, past life, healing with dragons, shamanic power animal healing, angelic healing. You can browse my catalogue below and purchase any of them that jump out at you. 

The primary intention behind each of these healing sessions is to cleanse and clear your energy, help you feel grounded and more in the moment, to bring your power back to you and to empower you to live your best life. 

There is healing imbued in each one AND they never age! I constantly power up all my Mp3 files so that the healing is fresh, even if the date of the session has passed.

If you’d like to experience how I work, why not try this free energy healing and cleansing session that took place in April, 2020. Of course, the energies we are in right now are different, and the more up-to-date the sessions are, the more in alighment with what you are currently experiencing they will be. However, it is important that you trust the way that I work before investing your time and money, then have a listen and see what you think!

Online Group Session (OGHS) Healing Replays

When you purchase an OGHS replay, you can then access it in your profile page. Log in, visit ‘Programmes’ and it will be listed there.

How to use these tracks

These files can be streamed directly from SoundCloud or downloaded to your computer depending on what you prefer. To get the best result, please make sure you create a quiet space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed, so you can give the audio file your complete attention. Feel free to take notes, to stop and start the tracks, and to allow yourself to go deeper with the work. And it’s okay if you fall asleep while you listen! You’re still receiving the healing.

Please note: These are healing sessions not teaching tracks or healing programmes. Some of them are designed to be listened to often, others you may only need once or twice, and again others, you may only need once a month. They’re yours to keep once you have purchased them, go gently, and enjoy.

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