Online Group Healing Session Replays

The healing is in my voice, and deepens on repeat
The topics that we cover are widespread and magical, they include: ancestral healing, past life, healing with dragons, shamanic power animal healing, angelic healing. You can browse my catalogue below and purchase any of them that jump out at you. 

The primary intention behind each of these healing sessions is to cleanse and clear your energy, help you feel grounded and more in the moment, to bring your power back to you and to empower you to live your best life. 

There is healing imbued in each one AND they never age! I constantly power up all my Mp3 files so that the healing is fresh, even if the date of the session has passed.

Online Group Session (OGHS) Healing Replays

These files are available on Abby’s Online Academy – you can listen to them on your smartphone or tablet, as well as download the replay to your computer.

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