The social media platform Vine was founded and bought by twitter in 2012, They then launched in 2013 and immediately grew to the most downloaded app on the IOS app store. Then in late 2016 Vine was discontinued and the most popular “Viners” moved over to other sites like Instagram and YouTube.

Some of these vines are still referenced in memes and general conversation today, some of the best ones were:

  • And they were roommates
  • Two guys chillin in a hot tub
  • What’s up, I’m Jerad
  • Hi welcome to chili’s
  • 9 + 10
  • Free shavocado
  • I’m in me Mum’s car
  • Look at this graph
  • When lemons gives you life
  • Watermolone
  • Look at all those chickens
  • What are those?
  • Avocado…. theannkss
  • Road work ahead
  • Wait a minute… who are you?
  • Deez nuts
  • A potato flew around my room

“Viners” Like Thomas Sanders didn’t move over well during the 2017 Vine to YouTube invasion while the Paul brothers and Lele Pons (Who what the most popular person on Vine) got even bigger.

2014 – 16 is often referred to the “Golden age of memes” as there were some of the best memes made during then.