January memes are always bad no matter what it is, noticeably 2018s January. It included the Rise of Ugandan Knuckles (or Red Sonic), Tide pods, one of the Paul brothers, Logan going on a trip to Japan and an old Disney cartoon of Goldilocks and the three bears

January 2018 all summed up nicely in this image

Ugandan Knuckles

In a game called VR-Chat where you can have a custom avatar and walk around in a virtual space with other people also playing. Ugandan Knuckles is a hive mind of people chasing down unsuspecting people saying any og these lines:

  • Do you know de way
  • *Clicking noise*
  • Are you da queen
  • We never freeze

Some of their activity has been recorded and put online

This video has over 12 million views

Somebody toucha my spaghet

This meme is a clip from an old Disney animation

That’s what the meme is.

Tide pods

The forbidden fruit, people joked about eating them and then it got too far