How Can I Help?

Try a pre-recorded healing session.

How can I help you?

We are all human, and this too, shall pass.

With a pre-recorded healing session, all you have to do is listen.

There is healing in my voice. To make the most of the track, create a quiet space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed, and listen.

What do you need help with today? Have a look below and find a healing session just for you.

All tracks are either €25 or €30 euros each.


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If there is something that you are experiencing that I have not covered here, or you are not sure which session would be suitable to help you, do get in touch by my email and let me know.

Help for Fear and Anxiety

From low-level constant anxiety with no particular cause, to severe anxiety where the cause is known. I have a healing session that will help you feel better and learn how to manage it so it eases over time, or dissappears completely.
Have a look at the sessions below, click one to read more, or add to cart to listen right away.

take your power back and be who you are

Take your Power Back and Be Who You Are

In this healing session I look at power, particularly what it means to you to be powerful in your life. This track uses a combination of psychological process and shamanic healing techniques which you can learn just by listening . You will discover your weaknesses around powerful people, techniques to heal your affinity towards being powerful, and great healing with a power retrieval process. Take your power back from people, places and things, so you can become more empowered in your life.

Heal anxiety and feel grounded in your life

Heal Anxiety and Feel Grounded in your Life

If you feel anxious a lot of the time, and overwhelmed by life, not only will this healing session help you relax, release anxiety and come more into your body, we will do two power retrievals so that you can become more substantial, more present and more powerful in your life. I will teach you skills and give you the knowledge that you need so you can manage anxiety in your day to day life. After listening to this track several times you may notice that your general anxiety levels reduce.

clearing financial fear and poverty mindset

Clearing Financial Fear and Poverty Mindset

This healing session has an embedded light-code transmission which will enable you to clear deep rooted belief systems around poverty and lack. Here, I don’t concentrate so much on fear, as we do not want to create more fear. I focus more on allowing yourself to open and receive, so you can be in the flow of prospertiy, and attract in people who value what you do, while you acknowledge and value them, in return.  The more you listen, the deeper the healing will penetrate.

Align Yourself in the Present Moment

Align Yourself in the Present Moment

My hope for you is that you will get what you need from this track and embody it over time, so that it becomes commonplace for you to:


  • Pull your power out of whatever is taking you from the present moment
  • Become a magnet for your own soul essence
  • Amplify your inner light
  • Connect to and heal your mind, heart and centre of power
  • Align your mind, heart and centre of power
  • Feel more grounded and centred in the moment, in the world and in your life.
Grounding in the Crystal Cave

Grounding in the Crystal Cave

In this gentle guided meditation I take you on a journey to help you ground and stabilise yourself so you can come more deeply into your body. Most people are not actually in their body when they think they are grounded, so this track will help you truly feel what it is to be grounded and centred. Grounding helps you bring peace and connection to your body and it is particularly good if you have high energy, feel ungrounded or suffer from anxiety and have difficulty staying focussed. It is work, and it may take you several attempts to fully ground yourself.

You will really notice the difference in your energy when you are able to do this entire process yourself!!


Soul Retrieval Healing Session

Soul Retrieval Healing Session

Have you lost your joy? Do you walk through the day feeling like a part of you is missing? It is possible that you have lost a part of yourself somewhere – a part of the essence that is you – your Soul.

Soul Loss can happen when we experience events that cause us either emotional or physical trauma such as violence, an accident, bereavement or even a relationship breakup. This track guides you to gently retrieve the parts of your Soul that have left you, with integration work that will help encourage them to stay.

Feel the gentle healing energies wrapping you in love and light as you welcome a piece of yourself back home, to your heart.

    Help with Emotional Pain and Low Self-Worth

    If a part of you is longing for love and is never satisfied with life, if you’re always looking outside of yourself instead of relying on yourself, or if you feel blocked and unable to move forward and feel successful. Have a look at the sessions below, click one to read more, or add to cart to listen right away.

    Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Be Who You Are

    We are never pretty enough, rich enough, clever enough. Well the truth is there will ALWAYS be someone ahead of you, but there will always be someone behind you. You forget that there is nobody else out there that is exactly like you. In this healing session I will help you centre yourself, pull your energy (and power) out of whatever/whomever it is that you’re comparing yourself to, and remind you of your own talent and abilities.

    Release the Blocks and live your happiest life now

    Releasing the Blocks and Live Your Happiest Life Now

    Clear your blocks to success and fear of being happy with this healing session. If you feel you’re standing in your own way of your best and happy life, this healing session will show you where, and help you with the how, so that you can get out of the way and let the success come into your life.

    Open your heart to yourself

    Open your Heart to Yourself.

    When you improve your relationship with yourself, your relationship to everyone else improves too. In this busy world it is necessary to carve out time and space to reconnect to your heart, to find out how you are feeling and to give yourself what you need.
    In this gentle guided meditation you will connect with your heart not only in the physical, the here and now, but also in sacred space and time.

    healing an aspect of yourself

    Healing an Aspect of Yourself

    Do you ever get cross or upset and act out when you don’t get what you want then wonder why you overreacted? Or do you have a deep-set fear of abandonment or rejection that doesn’t really make any sense? If you feel unloved at a deep level, it’s probably likely that a part of you, a child-part, is the part of you that needs healing.

    Help to Shift Low Energy and Lack of Enthusiasm for Life

    If you’re feeling heavy and slow in your body or mind, feeling sad or depressed, an energy clearing could be just the thing to help you become more energised. Have a look at the sessions below, click one to read more, or add to cart to listen right away.

    Healing for Vibrant Health

    Healing for Vibrant Health

    This healing session is designed to renew your faith in your bodies ability to heal itself. I will facilliate healing by connecting you into the highest vibrational healing light, and guide you to breathe it into the different aspects of your physical body, to release blocks to flow, so that you get the energetic support you need to shine your light brighter than before.

    Deep Relaxation and Healing Sleep

    Deep Healing and Relaxing Sleep

    In this deep relaxation and healing sleep session you can:

    Release any energies that are holding you back from being successful, from having love in your life.
    Slow down your mind, your “engine” and relax completely.
    Enable your body to rejuvenate parts of your body that are ill, to release old, sick, dying cells and create vibrant health
    Relax and receive the love and healing that is here for you

    Energy Clearing and Expansion

    You are a Shining Light

    In this expansion and clearing meditation you will be guided by Abby to cleanse and clear your body of negativity, heaviness, tiredness and pain. You will invite in positive energy and raise the vibration of your body to enable you to feel relaxed, revitalised and grounded.

    During this meditation, you may expand so greatly you will be able to send healing to friends, family and the country you live in, all while sitting comfortably in your chair! 

    Clearing your Chakras

    Clearing your Chakras

    This is an active meditation that helps you clear your chakras and cleanse and heal your energy field.
    I will talk you through opening, clearing, closing and harmonising each chakra in your body. As you work through each chakra you may notice where you need to do further work in order to feel completely balanced, and to align your emotions, your thoughts and your physical body. You can return to this cleansing meditation to improve your well being, as often as you wish.
    If you have never done work like this before, I recommend listening to this meditation once a day for one week, then every other day for another week.

    Help for Bereavement and Relationships

    If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one and want closure or connection, the end of a relationship, if you want to feel love and let more love into your life. Have a look at the sessions below, click one to read more, or add to cart to listen right away.

    Journey to a Loved One in Spirit

    Journey to your Loved One in Spirit

    This is a very gentle meditation that helps you create a safe space to connect with someone you love, who has died.With the use of context, visualisations and healing energies, step into a landscape where you can connect with your loved one, chat to them, spend some time with them, and know that you are not alone. Life is everlasting, human beings are paradoxical in that the body dies but their spirit lives on. Love lasts forever, but our minds oftentimes need validation and connection with the person we love who is no longer with us.

    The Safe Release of Grief

    The Safe Release of Grief

    Whether you’re grieving because you’ve lost someone you love, or you’ve lost your dreams, or a relationship has broken up, this track can help you process the emotion you are feeling. It can be applied to old, stuck grief, as well as grief that is current and active. I will guide you thorugh some gentle exercises where you can go as deeply in as you are comfortable to. There is healing in my voice, take your time with it, and be gentle with yourself.

    healing from a breakup

    Healing from a Breakup

    You can lose pieces of yourself when you are connected to someone intimatly in a relationship with them. When the relationship ends, you lose those pieces of yourself, along with your dreams, and the future you imagined. In this session I will help you get those pieces back.

    Connecting with your Angels and Spirit Guides

    These magical sessions will bring you on a journey to meet your guides and your angels. They will help you feel more connected to nature and to Spirit, and they will remind you that you are deeply loved. Have a look at the sessions below, click one to read more, or add to cart to listen right away.

    Healing with the Angels

    Join your Guardian Angel as you go on a journey to meet the Archangels in the the Crystal Healing Chamber where you release fear, conditioning, old karma and old contracts so you can step into a life filled with hope, joy and love. Clear out all energies of trauma and pain and reconnect with the beauty of who you are. Receive messages from the Archangels and from your own Guardian Angel, to bring back into your day.

    Healing with the Ascended Masters

    Join the Ascended Masters on a healing journey where you will receive deep cleansing, healing, energy activations and transmissions. Discover who you are working with, hear their messages to you and remember who you are and why you are here. This guided meditation is approx 40 minutes long with an 8 minute introduction to explain what Ascended Masters are, who they are, and why they are working with us. You can listen to this downloadable Mp3 audio track as often as you wish to create a space for yourself for gentle growth, transformation and healing.

    Healing with the Elementals

    Allow all the tension to dissolve from your body as you go on a magical journey to the Tree of Life. Meet the Fairies and make a relationship with them as you learn and appreciate all the work they do with Nature. Meet the Mermaids, journey with them, give and receive healing, help them with a clearing for the water. Meet the Unicorns, connect with their beautiful energy and receive cleansing and healing from the Unicorn energies. Go on a journey with the Unicorns and meet a Wise Spirit Guide who gives you guidance and wisdom. You can listen to this audio track as often as you wish to create a space for yourself for gentle growth, transformation and healing.

    I have lots more to offer you.

    If you want more help, you could consider a self-paced healing programme, or you could order a pure energy healing session. You can also join me for my monthly online group healing sessions, or find out about my healing circle.

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