Deep Healing Meditations

The healing is in my voice, and deepens on repeat

Allow the energies to carry you to a deeper sense of relaxation.

Deep healing meditations are designed to help you relax into a state where you are more receptive to receiving healing. There is healing offered in each meditation too, so the more you listen, the quicker you go into that relaxed receptive state.

The primary intention behind each of these healing meditations is to take you on a journey into the landscape of your own energy field, so you can become more familiar with it and connect to yourself at a deeper level. 

There is healing imbued in each one AND they never age! I constantly power up all my Mp3 files so that the healing is fresh, even if the date of the session has passed.

 If you’d like to experience how I work, I have some shorter meditations free on SoundCloud that you can try. Here is a playlist that I made to help you raise your energetic vibration and feel better.

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