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Tree of Life

Tree of Life Healing Circle Membership will get you:

  • Access to the Healing Circle private Telegram group
  • Exclusive content produced just for Abby’s Healing Circle, either video, audio, or written.
  • Monthly Distance Healing – pure energy distance healing to keep your energy clear and at a high vibration (sometimes Abby sends more often than once a month, depending on what is going on in the energetics)
  • Invites to the Healing Circle Zoom Coffee sessions! (These are not regular, to keep you all on your toes!)
  • Access to the Online Group Healing Session (OGHS) get a full valet clean of your energy field so that you can do what you need to do, and have the energies working with you at all times.
  • Members only discounts off any live healing programme
  • Access to the full back-catalogue of all previous Online Group Healing Sessions
  • Unlimited half-priced pure energy distance healing sessions
  • Exclusive access to Abby’s Life Mastery Sessions
  • Exclusive TELEGRAM channel to access Abby whenever you need her
  • Priority and discount on one-to-one sessions with Abby

Tree is the highest tier of membership. You can click here to discover Seed of Life Membership, or click here to discover Flower of Life Membership.