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Welcome to The Forgiveness Sessions

It’s great to have you on board! We start October 4th. There are 3 sessions to look forward to, these will become available to you on the selected dates.

  • Session 1 – Preparation
  • Session 2 – Forgive Yourself
  • Session 3 – Forgive Everyone Else

Each session consists of a webinar at 6pm Irish time, which will be approximately 60 minutes long. Webinars mean that we don’t see your face, unlike a Zoom Call, so you don’t need to dress up fancy, or worry about being seen. You can interact with me via a chat box, and I will always check in with you while we are live to see how you are doing. You will find the link to join our webinar in the session page, along with some technical information. I will also email you the link in advance of the session itself, along with a reminder.

These sessions will be recorded live and then offered later as a self-paced course. 

Each session will be available as a replay and you will have access to this programme long after it has ended, so you can watch/listen again and again. I will be asking you to interact with me during the sessions to make sure that I can give you everything you need, but these are GROUP sessions, and they will be available to the public long after our live session has ended, so I urge you to keep this in mind when signing up and not divulge any information during a session that you may regret afterwards.

If you have a specific issue that you want discussed I will most certainly consider it for inclusion. You will also have the opportunity to give me feedback on how the techniques we discuss are working for you, and to discuss any questions you have in the live sessions and over email. This is an advantage of being in the live session!

We will be using my online Telegram group for discussions if you want to reach out for support to other participants:  Not everyone in this group will be on this programme, so please be aware of what you are sharing in the channel to make sure that you are not leaving yourself open or vulnerable.

If something comes up for you while listening, I am here to support you.  You can order an instant, pure energy healing session here: You can email me if you want a one to one session.

I recommend that you give this programme your full focus and attention when tuning into it. Allow my voice and the concepts I bring up to trigger you and agitate you so you can allow whatever is buried deep in the foundations of your boundaries to rise up for healing. And then we will heal them together.

You will be given homework to do, it is totally up to you whether you do it or not, again, the more you invest of yourself into this programme, the more rewards you will reap.

Ask for the strength you need to get through the sessions, if you need to do that. And then afterwards, when the sessions are complete, if you still need help, you know where to find me. Blessings to you for doing your inner work. You are adding more light to the world.

I am grateful to you for that. 

See you October 4th!!

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