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Welcome to the Shamanic Journey Intensive Class

We start May 30th, 6.30pm Irish Time, online.

Each session will become available to you on the day.  I will also email you with all the details you will need in plenty of time for the lessons. Each lesson is at 6.30pm Irish time, 3 classes over 3 evenings, each class will be 90 minutes long. Please read the ‘things you need to know’ and click here to set yourself up on SLACK: You can join SLACK before we start, it’s a chat group for our community, so feel free to introduce yourself there and say hello!

Things you need to know:

If you have technical difficulties during any of our classes, you will need to log out of the webinar and log back in again. I am hosting and facilitating the group and will not be available for technical support.

The class run-time is estimated at 90 minutes but we may run over depending on the energies of the night.

To reiterate:

  • You do not need to have had any experience with the Shamanic Journey to take this programme.
  • You will need a private space to listen where you feel comfortable to work. So that means not in the car! You can do this with your phone but it would be easier to use a computer or a tablet, and headphones so you feel more deeply connected to my voice when we journey.
  • Do not lie down. Ideally you should remain awake for every journey, so do be comfortable, but not comfortable enough where you can fall asleep!
  • You will need a blanket beside you if you feel cold, and a drink. A notebook and pen to write down anything you see in your own personal journey space.
  • Please try to show up for the live classes to make the most out of this intensive session.
  • Each session will be recorded, you will get to keep the replay.
  • This class will be made available after the live sessions have ended as a replay so please do not share deeply personal information as it will be recorded

See you in class!!

If you need support with anything that comes up for you during these classes I will be available for one to one sessions during the month of June. You can also purchase a pure energy healing session here: