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Welcome to Raise your Vibration Bootcamp Feb 2022!

We will have 2 webinars, one to open bootcamp, and one to close. We will also have daily emails with tasks and exercises to keep you busy for the duration – focused on raising your vibration, shedding heavy energies and keeping your energy field bright and clear.

Bootcamp will take place mostly in your inbox. I will set up a media bank here, so when I share videos or audio files, you can come here to access them, so they’re all in one place.

First things first – You’ve got to sign up for the emails! Here’s the link:

Please do this right away.

You want the opening webinar? Or the replay? Click the link below to the MEDIA BANK – it’s all in there.

You’re also invited to join our SLACK group. I have set up a private channel for Bootcamp participants. SLACK is an alternative to Facebook. If you want to join the fun, you will need to install SLACK either on your computer or your phone. You need to join SLACK first, then I’ll have to add you into the private group. If you’re already in the general group you will still need to message me there and let me know. If you want to join us, then click here to join us.  Here’s a video on how to join SLACK:

Looking forward to the journey!

Much love,