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This February 2021 we start earlier than usual and will hit the ground running!! It’s been a heck of a ride in 2020 so I want to provide you with heaps of support early in 2021 so you can learn how to clear and cleanse your energy and Raise your Vibration for yourself.

I will be helping you shed heavy energy like taking heavy blankets away so you can open your eyes and see what is really going on around you, rather than be influenced by what you have picked up from other people, or from the media. I will blast you daily with water, fire, air and then connect you to earth, so you can feel grounded and safe in who you are, and anchored into the present moment. Remember, the quality of your life is connected to the quality of the choices that you make. And when your energy is clear and you feel stable and grounded, you make better choices.

And we are off. You can find the link to our opening webinar in the session below, and the media bank is where you will find the accumulation of all the videos and audio’s that i will share with you over the 21 days. Please don’t share them with other people, they are for you.

Talk to you in the Facebook group! xoxAbby