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This is the replay of a healing session that took place January 27th 2021

These sessions are for the times we are in. We are being pushed to the wall,  here, now, we have no choice:  continue our old ways and be left behind, or change and grow and step into our fullest potential. This is not a rehearsal. Your best life starts right now.

The healing session is below, just click the Session link to access it. If you are not enrolled in this programme, you can choose “Take this course’ to register.

You can click here to join our Facebook Group for discussion

PLEASE NOTE: This is a healing session. To get the full benefit you need to give it your full attention. These are healing sessions – there is healing in my voice. To get the full benefit you need to give it your full attention. It is advised that you create a safe space to listen where you will not be disturbed, please do not multitask, and most certainly do not listen while driving.

If something comes up for you while listening, I am here to support you. You can order an instant, pure energy healing session here: You can email me if you want a one to one session, and you can join my Facebook group

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