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These sessions are for the times we are in. We are being pushed to the wall,  here, now, we have no choice:  continue our old ways and be left behind, or change and grow and step into our fullest potential. This is not a rehearsal. Your best life starts right now.

With regular cleansing and clearing your energy field becomes vibrant, creating a space for physical healing, and your body becomes vibrant too. It’s time for people to wake up to the realisation that in order to have vibrant health, we must have a vibrant energy field too.
In this session I will cleanse and clear the energy fields of all participants. This will include removal of all fear based manipulative energies. I will help you disconnect from the collective and reconnect to your hearts and souls. I will then facilitate a light boost activation for your energy field, setting the intention for vibrant health.

When you go about your day to day life and do not clear and cleanse your energy you pick up particles and debris, a little bit like a house that has not been cleaned or dusted. However when these items impact your energy field they impact your body, your emotions and your thoughts too. As you can see from the image, if you leave your energy field uncleansed then over time it can become damaged, which allows for infiltration by lower level energies, physical illness and lack of zest for life.

The session details will be available on the day of the session, April 29th 2020. The live session will take place at 3pm Irish time. You will be informed of how to join me on the day via an email link, you can also find the details right here, on the Academy website.

You can click here to join our Facebook Group for discussion in the meantime.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a healing session. To get the full
benefit you need to give it your full attention. It is advised
that you do not multitask, and most certainly do not listen
while driving or operating heavy machinery. Healing is not
a replacement for conventional medicine. If you are feeling
unwell, please do go see your doctor.
If something comes up for you during this session that upsets you, I am
here to offer you support. You can email me
There is healing in my voice, allow it to come in, it should be enough for
you. But just in case you need some extra energetic support, if the
emotions that do come up are overwhelming, you can order it
here: and it will be sent to you immediately.

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