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Heal your Inner Wounds – Part 3 – Heal your Inner Wounded Adult
3 sessions over 3 weeks

It is recommended that you have already taken Heal your Inner Wounds Part 1 – Inner Child and Part 2 – Inner Teenager. It is also recommended that you purchase my book Heal your Inner Wounds to have as reference during these sessions.

Your inner wounded adult needs compassion, kindness, tolerance and patience. We have done the work of the inner child and of the inner teen, but you still carry the wounds of adulthood. This 3 session course is based on the work of my book Heal your Inner Wounds, and the wounding we focus on is that which happened to you from the ages of 19.
You can bring your inner child and your inner teenager to these sessions, for they will have been triggered by whatever trauma you might have experienced from the age of 19, to today. But the main body of work focuses on you, the adult, to release the shock, to heal the boundaries, and to give you healing tools and strategies, so you can shift away from coping and surviving, and start living.

Session 1 – Healing your broken heart
In this session we will look at what happens energetically when there is a relationship break up. We will work on clearing and cleansing the energy field and retrieving the soul pieces that may be stuck with the ex partner. We look at sparking joy from within, not needing the other person to do it for us. We will bring the inner child on the journey with us so that you feel loved, cherished and supported at all times.

Session 2 – Safe release of Grief
In this session we will look at bereavement and grief, whether it be from loss of expectations or the loss of a loved one. We will release built up solidified energetic grief in your adult self, whilst protecting the inner teenager from harm. We will connect to healing light to bring in a new sense of peace to you, the adult, as you are right now, in this moment.

Session 3 – Becoming your own Best Friend
We will spend this final session focusing on healing violated boundaries in the energetic realms. We will also integrate the work we have already done. We will go on a journey to meet all of the aspects of you, both child-like and adult, to claim back all of your power so that you can be fully present as you, in your life.

These are LIVE GROUP sessions, the content of which is subject to change depending on the group energies. These sessions will also be recorded and made available as a self-paced course after the live sessions have taken place. Anyone who takes this course will be able to avail of half price distance energy healing sessions from me for 1 month to help speed up the healing process.

Please note: If you feel you have suffered from serious abuse or trauma in your life you may be triggered by the work of these sessions. Please opt for a one to one session with me instead.

What to expect from the Online Intensive

Heal your Inner Wounded Adult will run for 3 weeks in total. There may be homework and follow ups for each session – I always work with you, and the energies of the group to make this a truly interactive experience.

You will need to make an account with Abby’s Online Academy, all healing sessions take place via webinar format. You will be guided as to how to do this when you sign up. There will be a dedicated Facebook Group for discussion and group support.

Each session will run from approx 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on what comes up in session. All sessions will be recorded and replays will be made available for you to have lifetime access to. If you cannot be present in the live session you may still take part through email feedback and Facebook group discussions.

How much will this cost?
When we speak in terms of cost and price I feel at times the cost of not investing in yourself can be a greater price on your well being than the value you place on the money that you spend. However we need to talk money too, and I don’t like to mess around so the total fee for this programme is €150. Flowers get a discounted rate of €120 and Trees avail of this at a discounted rate of €99.

You can pay in full, or choose a payment plan – I am available to discuss it further with you if this programme appeals to you and money is an issue. Let’s work something out. Send an email to me  and we can talk about it.