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How to Be Well – Part 1 – Reorganising and Healing your Life Situation

This online self-paced programme is composed of 6 sessions over 6 weeks, designed to help you reorganise your life so you are able to create and maintain stronger boundaries, replenish your energy, improve your relationship with yourself and others, and improve your overall feelings of wellness.

In this programme you will also learn how to clear and cleanse your energy field, how to take your power back from people, places and from things. There is healing in each session’s audio file, each file is powerful and you can go as lightly, or as deeply as you wish.

The content is based on my book “How to Be Well” which you can consider purchasing to accompany you through the work.

The sessions are broken up as follows:

  • Session 1 – Who are you, the wellness scale and working with your Biofield
  • Session 2 – Working with, reorganising and clearing emotional energies
  • Session 3 – Power – you are powerful, what does power mean to you, power retrieval
  • Session 4 – Healing the relationship you have with yourself
  • Session 5 – Healing the energetics of your relationships with other people
  • Session 6 – Connecting to joy, creating healthy boundaries, releasing unwanted behaviours and family systems healing.

Before you begin you will get access to a session entitled “General Information” which has your first piece of homework in it. For this reason I have given you 2 days to work through the general information, before receiving session 1. Each session thereafter is composed of an hour long audio file, a worksheet and a homework sheet. All you need to do is make the space and time to listen, do the homework, think about the issues at hand, and allow the healing to take place.

PLEASE NOTE: This class is for you, to teach you how to heal yourself, be more present and empowered in your life and to embrace the joy, love and support that is here for you. This class is not about healing another person, nor will it qualify you to be a healer. It is not a substitute for one to one therapy. If you are in an abusive relationship this class alone may not be enough to help you move through it. 

I encourage you always to ask for professional help to support you doing your inner work if you feel you need it.