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Welcome to Heal Your Inner Wounds – Healing Your Inner Teenager.

In this programme you will receive three 60 minute healing sessions, one week apart. You are granted instant access to Session 1, you can simply click it below, and it will open for you. These sessions were recorded live in November 2019 and they are based on the work of my book, Heal Your Inner Wounds, Chapter 2. You don’t need the book to do the work but it is a useful reference tool.

You will be sent an email notification when Session 2 & 3 become available. Please make sure that you are receiving emails from Abby’s Online Academy into your inbox or you may miss it! You can also set a reminder in your calendar to look out for it.

You will be offered the option of doing homework, it is totally up to you how deep you dive into this work.

I need to be clear about two things:

These are healing sessions – there is healing in my voice. To get the full benefit you need to give it your full attention. It is advised that you create a safe space to listen where you will not be disturbed, please do not multitask, and most certainly do not listen while driving.

If something comes up for you while listening, I am here to support you. You can order an instant, pure energy healing session here: You can email me if you want a one to one session, and you can join my Facebook group –

I do recommend that you give this self-paced programme your full focus and attention, and allow my voice, the concepts, to trigger you, so you can allow whatever is buried deep in the foundations of your boundaries to rise up for healing. Ask for the strength you need to get through the sessions, if you need to do that. And then afterwards, when the sessions are complete, if you still need help, you know where to find me.

Blessings to you for doing your inner work. You are adding more light to the world. I am grateful to you for that.