Abby’s Shop

We lightworkers need support and from time to time there are products that can help us. I make and sell crystals, and I’ve come across other products too, that I want to offer you on your healing journey. Enjoy!

Orgone for EMF protection, energetic support and removal of anxiety and tension

Orgone is an amazing product, and so difficult to get it right. I’ve seen orgone pyramids and pendants, which have done nothing for me. When I met Tivon and Naima in Morocco, and saw their factory, and experienced their product, I fell in love with it at first sight. Finally, something that worked! Fix the World Morocco have given me an affiliate link, and here I have chosen some of my favourite products of theirs to share with you. Click each one to read more about them, and the buy button will bring you directly to their website. There are different colours available for some of the products, however I have only made one product item per product type, so you may need to look on the main website to get the colour choice that you desire.

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