Heavy energy weighs you down

Sadness, depression, disappointment are emotions that are a low vibration and have a weight. You drop like a stone into a low vibrational field, making it harder to reach the energies of enthusiasm, excitement and joy. Even peace and calm can feel difficult to obtain.

My 5 day healing programme helps lift you from the heavy, low vibrations into refreshing, vibrant energies of love, gratitude and joy. From here, you can see solutions to issues you may not have seen before, you can make plans for the future, you can live life in the moment.

“I have just done day 1 and wow, amazing, so beautiful and I can’t believe how much brighter and clear and peaceful I feel after this. My dog is beside me actually smiling with belly in the air in full receiving mode. My housemate purchased it today as well and she told me she felt so much better after it too! Abby you are a magic worker! Best money I ever spent! I can’t wait to do it again and for the next 4 days to come!”
S C, Ireland

raise your vibration and feel happy

Emotional energies impact our physical bodies

Heavy energies such as guilt, fear, grief, unworthiness and low self worth take their tole on our bodies, making it harder to go about our daily lives. While these emotions are valid and real, we tend to spend too much time dwelling on the thoughts that match these vibrations, so we get more of the same.

It’s a little like swiming around in a mud pool, thinking about mud, being covered in mud, wondering why there is so much mud, without realising that we can climb out of the pool, wash the mud away, and be clear of it.

You wash your hands when they get muddy, so why not wash your energy field?

Well, because most people don’t know they can, or they don’t know how. And even if you do, you may not have enough energy to be able to do it for yourself. That’s where my 5 day programme can help you.

Not only will this programme wash the low vibrational ‘mud’ out of your energy field, I give you tips and context for high vibrational living. 
You can look forward to feeling lighter, more present in the moment, more peaceful and centred. With repeated listening, the healing goes deeper, and can change what you are focusing on so you draw more high vibrational light into your life. How deep you go, is up to you.

Oh my goodness! That was wonderful! I feel so relaxed, engaged and returned to my natural self! Thank you! P. Murphy, Ireland.

It even works on you if you fall asleep while listening!

This is my favourite of all of the programmes that I have ever created. It’s so powerful, yet so gentle. You can receive healing each time you listen and you get to keep all 5 audios so you can listen over again, as often as you wish.

5 Days to Raise Your Vibration

Programme Cost: €75

That’s 5 healing sessions for just €15 each

Sign up now and receive the first audio file right away

I felt like the program was customized just for me as it was revealing my areas of weakness and offering me ways to ‘turn things around’ — my thoughts, my experiences, my attitude, my health, my relationships. Abby’s suggestions are strong and she provides you with both tools and ideas to take these exercises and incorporate them into your daily spiritual practice. A total investment in your wellbeing! Not to mention, Abby’s heart, her love, compassion, gentleness, and encouragement throughout the program made me feel that she was in fact with me the whole time, supporting me and encouraging me in every step. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a helping hand to rise above the challenges and stresses of everyday life. Well done Abby, Thank you! 
B. DeMaria, Ohio, USA

When you shine your light brighter,
you inspire others to shine their light brighter too.

Are you ready to Raise your Vibration?

5 Days to Raise Your Vibration

What’s included in the healing

Girl in a jacket Downloadable Audio file (approx 30 mins) for each day

Girl in a jacket Transcript of each day’s audio file

Girl in a jacket Exercise worksheets for each day

Girl in a jacket Guidance with further work

The next 5 days could change your life, forever.

This healing programme is for you, to teach you how to heal yourself, be more present and empowered in your life and to embrace the joy, love and support that is here for you.

“I have listened to your 5 day programme 3 times over the last 6 months, I can always depend on it. I feel brighter, lighter in myself and more enthuisastic about everything. It’s great to know that it’s there for me when I need it.” Stephen K, Belgium.

Please note: This programme is not about healing another person, nor will it qualify you to be a healer. It is not a substitute for one to one therapy. If you are in an abusive relationship this programme alone may not be enough to help you move through it. I encourage you always to ask for professional help if you feel you need it.

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